North West England

Genting Club Blackpool

Genting Club Blackpool

North West England offers an excellent mix of old and new, particularly in places like Manchester. Once the heart of England’s industrial revolution, Manchester has evolved into a modern cosmopolitan city that competes with nearby Liverpool for tourist attention. Manchester’s Exchange Square, with its sleek modern architecture layered upon traditional Edwardian buildings, is a great place for sightseeing and shopping. Further from the city’s center is The Quays, which is the region’s new cultural hub and ideal weekend destination spot. Filled with great restaurants, museums and other attractions, The Quays is quickly becoming Manchester’s most visited destination.
Grosvenor Casino Liverpool

Grosvenor Casino Liverpool

Neighbouring Liverpool is North West England’s other major city and is probably best known as being the hometown of the Beatles. There are numerous tours relating to the iconic band that operate here. Liverpool was also once a vital port in the British Empire, and today its Maritime Museum features the only fully enclosed wet dock in the world and offers a fascinating look into the city’s history. Liverpool and Manchester may appear to be very different, but they actually share a lot in common. Both cities have several casinos, which make a great alternative to traditional night time entertainment. Grosvenor G and Genting Club Casinos are present in both cities and offer a fair number of table games and slot machines. Nearby Blackpool also lays claim to a few casinos and all are open to patrons over 18 with valid ID. Dress code and opening hours vary.

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