Palm Beach Casino London – London’s High Rollers Casino Review

palm beach casino entranceI visited the Palm Beach Casino on February 9, 2013 at 21:00. The Palm Beach is located at the heart of London, but rest assured, it is not a tourist trap. More specifically, it is located on Berkeley Street, in the well known Mayfair neighborhood, right off Piccadilly, which is considered a prime location in London. I took a taxi to the casino, and looking out the window as we approached the casino, I saw some of the most expensive Mercedes models, a number of Jaguars and, of course, a Maserati. This seems to be the proper setting for the Palm beach casino.

If you haven’t time to continue reading, here is the short version: the Palm Beach is a high rollers Casino, with exclusive, elegant atmosphere and a relaxed dress code (neat, stylish clothing mandatory). ID is required and in order to gamble more than £1,500 per bet, you must be a club member.

Access Palm Beach Casino London

The Palm Beach Casino is located close to Piccadilly Circus and is easily accessible via the tube. If you arrive by car, enter “Carrington Street”, London, into the navigation system, in order to get to the casino’s parking.

Admission Palm Beach Casino London

The Casino is located next to the Mayfair Hotel, but has a separate entrance. The doorman was cordial and looked like he understood well that discretion is the name of the game here. Entrance to the Palm Beach Casino in London is free. I was asked to show a valid ID. I was also told that if I wanted to place a bet of over £1,500, I have to become a club member. I replied that membership will not be necessary!

Atmosphere Palm Beach Casino London

palm beach casino table gamesI felt instantly comfortable at the casino. The Palm beach is not a large casino, but unlike most casinos in London, where the tables are packed together, here, the tables are spread-out, which makes the casino feel specious and open. In addition, the design makes use of light wood, which also helps brightening up the place. The carpet is soft and bounces back to the touch, which makes you feel as if you are floating on air.

In addition to their being spread out, I also liked the arrangement of the tables at the Palm beach casino. At the center of the casino, there is a round floor where I saw Roulette, Blackjack and Casino Poker tables, which were open for all visitors. Surrounding the central floor, there are several small, secluded niches, for those who prefer a privet game. In these niches, I saw Roulette and Blackjack seating tables, which were not in operation, but it was clear that the casino will be happy to open then for a privet game on demand.

Dress code Palm Beach Casino London

I arrived at the Palm Beach in my elegant black overcoat, jacket and black leather shoes and was immediately let into the Casino. However, some younger players wore athletic shoes in combination with a jacket or a sweater. It seems that the dress code at the Palm Beach Casino is relaxed, as long as you wear neat, stylish clothing.

Smoking Palm Beach Casino London

The Palm Beach, like most London casinos, is a no-smoking casino. It is unfortunate (and also surprising, my being a long-time smoker), that I failed to examine the smoking area. A comment from those of you who have, would be much appreciated.

Roulette Casino Palm Beach London

palm beach casino slots and rouletteI counted 10 roulette tables in the Palm Beach Casino, including some seating tables, and some with stools. Minimum bets were £2 / £5. The limits for club members (as mentioned before, none-members are limited to £1,500 per bet), are £20,000 for easy chances, £10,000 for columns and £1,000 pounds for strait numbers.

My experience in London casinos is that the croupier calls “no more bets” the moment the ball is spun. But they were not so strict at the Palm Beach and players continued placing bets even when the ball was rolling. I suppose experienced players here know where the border runs.

Black Jack Palm Beach Casino London

Three Black Jack tables were open at the time of my visit, attended by well-dressed men and women. I was surprised to see tables with minimums of £5, £10 and £20. At the high-rollers’ Casino Knokke, the minimum bet was 10 euros. I expected even striper amounts from the Palm Beach Casino. The maximum on all tables was £1,000. I’m guessing, however, that the stakes at the privet tables are higher.

Craps Palm Beach Casino London

Yes, there is a craps table at the Palm Beach Casino in London. It is the biggest and most beautiful Craps table I have seen so far. Excitingly, The players are allowed to throw the dice themselves at the Palm Beach. There were three players on the Craps table. The limits were not presented, but I imagine the limits for Craps at the Palm Beach are towards the higher end of the scale.

Poker Palm Beach Casino London

palm beach casino pokerOn the way out I took a quick look in the Poker Room. Unfortunately, only one table was open- TexasHoldem no limit with a minimum buy in of £ 500 and 2 / 5. Itseemed to me that these skilled players, playing at a high level for highstakes. So, if you are a shark looking for fishes, the Palm Beach is not for you.

As for other casino games, I saw 3 Casino Poker table open at the Palm Beach. Our Asian readers will be disappointed thought; there were no PuntoBanco (Baccarat) table at the time of my visit.

Bar Palm Beach Casino London

The bar is the only thing that I was somewhat disappointed with at the Pal Beach Casino. The bar is located in the reception area, and is more casual then the casino itself. I recommend skipping the bar, and getting a drink at the restaurant or ordering from the waiters at the gaming tables, they will bring the drink to your seat.

Restaurant Palm Beach Casino London

I liked the restaurant at the Palm Beach very much. It is located inside the Casino and offers a mixed menu, including sophisticated dishes such as Tempura, salads, swordfish, or sole in Curry. No Arabic dishes on the menu, although many of the patrons seem to be of Middle Eastern origin.

Conclusion Palm Beach Casino London

I’m glad that a friend drew my attention to the Palm Beach, otherwise I would have skipped it, and would have missed London’s high rollers’ casino (not including the London’s many exclusive, members-only poker clubs). Unlike The Casino at the Empire and The Napoleon Casino, the crowd was not predominantly Asian, but more mixed. I enjoyed my visit at the Palm Beach Casino and would recommend it if in London.

About Avi Fichtner

Avi Fichtner is an avid casino player who spends much time travelling to casinos all over Europe and sharing his experiences.

Avi Fichtner

About Avi Fichtner

Avi Fichtner is an avid casino player who spends much time travelling to casinos all over Europe and sharing his experiences.

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