Online Bingo

Online BingoOnline Bingo is constantly growing in popularity. Most notable online casinos offer several Bingo rooms. For example at William Hill online casino you can play 75 ball Bingo, 90 ball Bingo, 80 ball Bingo, pattern Bingo and more.

Playing bingo online has many advantages. When playing online you can use special features that make playing the game easier, such as Auto-daub, which automatically marks off the numbers on your cards as they are called. Most casinos also offer Best Card Sorting. This features sorts your cards for you so you know which is closest to Bingo. Online, you can play Bingo for as little as 1p a card!

A cool feature of online Bingo is the chat function. As you may now, talking is strictly forbidden in n land-based Bingo. But it is actively encouraged in online bingo. You can easily chat with other gamers while playing.

So let’s get you started on playing Bingo online!