Grosvenor Casino Piccadilly London Review

g-casino-piccadilly-casinoseuropeThe Grosvenor Hotel and casino is located within walking distance from the Mayfair Hotel. So, After my visit to the casino a the Mayfair Hotel, The Palm Beach Casino, I continued on foot to the Grosvenor Casino on Piccadilly. The crowd on the streets leading to the Grosvenor was relatively young, and the atmosphere was lively. I reached the Grosvenor Casino at around 23:00, on Saturday, February 9th.

Admission Grosvenor Casino Piccadilly

Admission to the Grosvenor Casino Piccadilly is free. I was told that I had to stand in line to the ID check, same as the Palm Beach. What happened afterwards was completely different, though. The reception area was small and crowded with relatively young people which seemed to be just standing around. Also, as the door to the reception area could not be closed (supposedly, for security reasons), I got the ice-cold wind from the street at my face, thank you for that Grosvenor Casino management. Looking around, I couldn’t see where the line formed. I asked a grumpy security guy were the line was and he just waved in some general direction. I moved to the other side, and after I was stood there for a while, a young women told me that this wasn’t the line, and the she and her friends are just standing there. Finally I came to the desk and grinned. “The line here is so strange” I said. With a voice full of self-importance, I was told that I would just have to wait. Honestly, after this I wasn’t so interested anymore in going into the casino.

Atmosphere Grosvenor Casino Piccadilly

grosvenor casino Piccadilly loungI went into the Casino after all, and forced myself to remain objective. I must admit I liked the atmosphere at the Grosvenor Casino. Upon entering the casino, one passes under a large chandelier on the way to the casino’s main room. Dark red is the dominating color here. The covers of the Roulette tables were new (I started noticing the state of the tables after my visit to The Casino at the Empire), and the casino seemed to be well maintained overall. The crowed at the Grosvenor was not predominantly Asian, as at The Empire and The Napoleon, but was a fair mix, although relatively young, below 30 on average.

Dress code Grosvenor Casino Piccadilly

The dress code at the Grosvenor Casino Piccadilly is very relaxed. Although a number of visitors wore jackets, I felt overdressed in my elegant black overcoat and jacket.

Smoking Grosvenor Casino Piccadilly

The Grosvenor is, like other London casinos, a no-smoking casino. If you want to smoke, you must go out on the terrace that is located next to the bar. When I reached the terrace, however, I realized that, although it offers an excellent view of Piccadilly Circus, it is not covered. So, I had to smoke in the rain. Again, thank you for that Grosvenor Casino management.

Roulette Grosvenor Casino Piccadilly

grosvenor casino Piccadilly play area and barAt the Roulette tables, I saw the usual electronic board with statistics. According to the board, wining numbers were 38 percent black and 62 percent red. I asked the table supervisor how many spins enter the statistics. After consulting his colleagues, he answered that the statistic is based “only on the last spins presented on the board”. Mind you, only the results of the last 15-20 spins are presented on the board. The Grosvenor also, as many other casinos, offers visitors forms with tables, where they can conveniently follow the Roulette results themselves, for those using trend following or mitigation betting strategies.

The maximum amounts were at £4,000 (simple chances), £200 (plain), £2,000 (columns and numbers).

Black Jack Grosvenor Casino Piccadilly

grosvenor casino Piccadilly play areaAt the time of my visit, there were at least 8 open Blackjack tables. Limits were between £5 and £1000.

Casino Poker Grosvenor Casino Piccadilly

The Grosvenor offered tables of 3 Card Poker and Casino Holdem on the evening of my visit. As in all casinos I visited in London, the maximum was £100, minimum ante was £5.

As for other classic table games, neither Punto Banco (Baccarat), nor Craps was offered at the Grosvenor.

Poker Grosvenor Casino Piccadilly

Walking around the casino, I saw nothing that would indicate Poker cash games. On my way out, I asked a staff member whether a cash game is offered. “Yes”, he answered, “we have a poker table right over there”, he pointed at a standing table. Oh, I thought, so Poker in the Pit is not a Casino Poker variant, it’s a cash game. At the same moment I realized why only one deck is used in this game. By now I was too embarrassed to ask about the limits and just quietly made my way out.

Conclusion Grosvenor Casino Piccadilly

I quite enjoyed the classic games at the Grosvenor Casino. The atmosphere is relaxed and players are relatively young, but the age average here is still older than in London’s Aspers casino. I believe casino-lovers age 30 or so, would have a good time at the Grosvenor Casino.

About Avi Fichtner

Avi Fichtner is an avid casino player who spends much time travelling to casinos all over Europe and sharing his experiences.

Avi Fichtner

About Avi Fichtner

Avi Fichtner is an avid casino player who spends much time travelling to casinos all over Europe and sharing his experiences.

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