Bremen is the smallest of Germany’s 16 states. It consists of two separate enclaves: the state’s capital city of Bremen, and the city of Bremerhavn, both located on the river Weser, in the north-western, close to the north see. The capital, Bremen, is a historic and charming city located in Northern Germany. Made famous by the Grimm fairy tale known as the Bremen Town Musicians, the city has a lot to offer its visitors. In 1953, a statue of the musicians from the fairy tale was erected in town, and has become a popular spot for people to make wishes. The old town square, called the Marktplatz, where visitors can enjoy the beautifully preserved town hall and St. Peter’s cathedral and several quaint cafes and restaurants, is the city’s main attraction. From here, there are a number of great streets to explore like Böttcherstrasse, which is one of the most architecturally interesting streets in Bremen.

Traditional German cuisine abounds in Bremen with restaurants serving hearty dishes like bratwurst and sauerbraten. Bars and restaurants are usually open late around town, but for true night owls the city’s casino is a great option. Casino Bremen is a medium size casino located a little outside the city’s old town. Featuring restaurants, live events as well as slot machines, Poker, Blackjack and Roulette, it’s a favorite spot with locals and tourists alike. Smart casual (no sportswear) attire and a valid ID are required for entrance. Patrons must be 18 years old or above. For more information on Casino Bremen, click on the link below:

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