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Seven Casino

The Lorraine region of France shares a border with Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany. It is characterized by its immense natural beauty, idyllic countryside and spa towns. Vosges features a stunning mountain range ending in a series of beautiful lakes that are unmatched in the rest of France. The Sainte Croix Wildpark is another popular Lorraine attraction and is filled with native plants and animals of the region in a wonderful and natural setting.

Casino Joa de Gérardmer

Casino Joa de Gérardmer

Lorraine also lays claim to a number of traditional spa towns. Vittel, Amneville, Bains les Bains and Plombieres les Bains are the most popular choices, and feature thermal baths along with excellent resorts and restaurants. Many of the spa towns, such as Vittel and Plombieres les Bains to name a few, also have casinos that provide a means of late night entertainment. Altough relatively small establishment, they offer the perennial casino favorites, such as Roulette, Blackjack, Poker and slots. As a general rule, casual attire is permitted and all patrons must be at least 18 and show valid ID to enter. Opening hours vary.

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