Casino d'Evaux-les-Bains

Casino d’Évaux-les-Bains

Limousin is a small, quiet region of south-western France, and is quite popular with British and Dutch expats looking for a tranquil escape. Limoges is the region’s largest town and sits along the scenic river Vienne. Once a Roman settlement, Limoges has ancient roots and has many quaint winding streets dating back to medieval times. The town is also well known for its porcelain and is home to an excellent porcelain museum. Other major sites in Limousin include Rochechouart Castle and Oradour sur Glane, which was destroyed in WWII and has been left untouched in over 70 years.

Limousin’s quiet nature means that apart from restaurants and a few bars, nightlife in the region is fairly subdued. There is, however, a casino that is popular with tourists and locals in Évaux-les-Bains. The Casino Evaux Les Bains offers electronic and live gaming, dining and live entertainment. There are some 50 slot machines onsite as well as a Blackjack and Boule table in addition to regular Poker tournaments. Just as in all French casinos, all patrons must be at least 18 years of age with a valid ID.
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