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Casino Seefeld EntranceThis is my review of the Casino in Seefeld. For more information on this casino, please click here.

The casino in Seefeld was the first Austrian casino on our trip. We arrived at the casino on the early evening hours of Friday, July 20, 2012. I was very surprised by the number of Italians in the casino. Not only the visitors, but also the entire staff at the casino seemed to be speaking Italian. Later that evening, I sat with my girlfriend in a restaurant next to the casino. I asked the waiter: “there are many Italians here, or?” He smiled and started answering me in Italian (which I do not speak). “No,” I stopped him, “I, myself, am not Italian, I was just wondering what attracts so many Italians to Seefeld. He replied: “it’s pretty here, the mountains are family-friendly because the elevation is not too high for the children, the hotels are family oriented, and of course, our casino”. After my visit in the casino, I could definitely see how it would be a major source of attraction, for Italians, or for any casino fun.

Dress Code Casino Seefeld

I checked the casino website prior to my visit, but it wasn’t clear on whether a jacket is mandatory for men. To be on the safe side, my Girlfriend and I both dressed especially elegant for our visit to Casino Seefeld. Although I didn’t give up my jeans, I wore a nice jacket, over a red sweater and closed black shoes. We seemed to have met the standard in the casino, and there were no complaints at the entrance. We didn’t feel over dressed in the casino, as most gentlemen players wore a jacket and, in general, everyone was very elegant.
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Parking Casino Seefeld

The casino is easily accessible by car. Upon arrival to the casino, you will see signs directing you to a large parking lot right next to the casino, where parking is free of charge for visitors to the casino. Just don’t forget to stamp the parking ticket before leaving the casino. We parked our rented Hyundai next to a Porsche and walked the few steps to the Casino through the purring rain.

Admission Casino Seefeld

Entrance to the Casino Seefeld is in free of charge. Visitors are offered a “welcome deal” – the option to pay €27 at the entrance, and receive €30 worth of chips (we later learned that other casinos in the Casinos Austria group offer the same deal). We decided to take the offer and received 12 golden €5 chips. However, you must bet with each of these chips at least once before cashing out. As in all casinos in Austria, admission is limited to those 18 years or older, and ID is required.

Atmosphere Casino Seefeld

Past the reception area, there is a staircase leading to the first floor of the casino. My first impression when I entered the casino was “wow”. The feeling didn’t  change with time. If anything, my excitement with the casino only intensified. The Casino is spread out over a single floor, divided to several very large spaces. The main gaming hall is where the live table games are played. There is also a large, elegant bar here. Large glass walls separate the main hall from the poker area on the one side, and the slots area on the other side.

This Casino has nothing to do with the functionality that characterizes German casinos, such as Casino Garmisch. The tall ceilings lined with decorative wood panels, elegant chandeliers, the beautiful bar with lots of glass and wood and the tasteful red-carpet, all combine to create an especially elegant look. The atmosphere is not patronizing, though, but rather worm and friendly. Much like in the Casinos Austria’s Kitzbuhel branch.

Live Table Games Casino Seefeld

At the time of my visit, four Roulette tables were open, all with a minimum of €2/€5. My girlfriend and I spilt the golden chips we received at the entrance. My Friend took her chips and headed straight for the Roulette tables. As she explained to me later, when placing a bet with the “welcome deal” golden chips, if you win, the dealer will replace your chip into a regular one and will also pay you your winning with regular chips which you can then cash out on your way out.

The Roulette tables at the Casino Seefeld are state of the art, modern tables and are equipped with an electronic board providing relevant information to players, such as the winning numbers in the last spins and statistics (frequency of Red/Black and Odd/Even numbers, least/most frequent winning numbers etc.).

Right next to the Roulette tables there was a Casino Holdem table. Ante here was €10. The table was crowded with professional players and I had the same feeling as in the “high-roller’s” Casino Esplanade in Hamburg, where I felt equally out of place. In a nearby table, three older Italians played Tropical Stud Poker against the bank. I looked briefly and saw that the minimum here was also €10. Since the table was not fully occupied, I could talk briefly with the dealer. Everything made a very professional impression. Additional Roulette and Blackjack tables where available, but the number of tables in operation was sufficient for the time being. Even though the casino advertises Punto Banco / Baccarat, I didn’t see any tables for these games.

Poker Casino Seefeld

The Poker area is left of the entrance, through the main hall. Tournaments were on going at three tables, all of which were fully occupied. The players were mostly older and I had the feeling that they were all poker sharks playing against each other. I saw some younger players, but I would say that the average age was 45. All players were dressed very elegantly.

I asked whether a cash game will open, and was told that a table for a cash game will open, but it would take some time, and that the buy in would be $100, so probably a 5/10 table. Because I was going to visit the casino in Garmisch that same evening and couldn’t wait for long, I didn’t register for the game.

I went to look for my girlfriend at the Roulette table. Not surprisingly, she had all her chips and was well in the plus. She moaned: “hungry”.

Slots Casino Seefeld

Casino Seefeld is a smoker’s casino, so smoking is allowed in the slots area. I went in for a short look and saw the usual 5 reel slot machines, but also some one-armed bandits, which seemed to attract players. I would estimate at least 60 machines in this area. There was a small slot area for non-smokers, which was however not so well equipped. I asked an employee why there was such little room for non-smokers. The answer was: “everybody wants to smoke while playing, I sometimes speak with players who tell me that they only smoke when they are in the casino”.

Restaurant Casino Seefeld

We exchanged our chips, stamped the parking ticker and left the casino to go eat something. We wanted something quick, because we wanted to continue to Garmisch. On our way out we passed by the casino restaurant, which is located on the street level. The restaurant looked elegant and homey at the same time, same as the Casino. The menu almost seduced me. There were many Chanterelle dishes in the price range of between €10 and €25.

Conclusion Casino Seefeld

As was our plan, we continued from Seefeld to the casino in Garmisch. If I must choose between the two casinos, there’s no question: I would drive to Seefeld, even if it meant a few more kilometres  Casino Seefeld offers a good selection of casino games, poker tournaments and cash games, a very nice bar, elegant guests and a special flair. Casino Seefeld definitely is worth a big detour.

About Avi Fichtner

Avi Fichtner is an avid casino player who spends much time travelling to casinos all over Europe and sharing his experiences.

Avi Fichtner

About Avi Fichtner

Avi Fichtner is an avid casino player who spends much time travelling to casinos all over Europe and sharing his experiences.

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  1. Julien

    Great reviews, thanks for taking the time to write and post them. The information which has been difficult to find is table limits, lower and upper for roulette and baccarat (yes, on this one it’s 2 and 5 Euros, but what’s the max?). Would you consider posting more on this in your future reviews? Thank you in advance.

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