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Casino Innsbruck austriaI drove for about one and a half hours in purring rain to get from Casino Kitzbuhel to Innsbruck. It was late Saturday night, but I hoped to make it to Casino Innsbruck before leaving to Vienna the next day. There was nothing to eat along the way other than gas-station cafeteria food. I finally arrived at Innsbruck Casino at 23:00. It was a stretch, but I am happy I made the effort. Innsbruck Casino is another example of the reliability of Casinos Austria.

Parking Casino Innsbruck

Parking in Casino Innsbruck is easy. The casino has a large underground, multi-storey parking-garage. I simply put the casino address into car’s navigation system and it took me directly to the casino parking,

Dress Code Casino Innsbruck

I had been to the Seefeld and Kitzbuhel branches of Casino Austria, and in neither a jacket was required. Accordingly, I left my jacket in the car. I surprised when the lady at the reception told me that a jacket is mandatory in the live casino (there is also a slots casino, see below). She suggested that I rent a jacket for a 2 Euros and pointed me in the direction of the Cloak Room. The guy at the Cloak Room, however, announced that he is not allowed to handle money, and that I must pay the rental fee at the reception and present him with the receipt before I can get a jacket. I wondered out-loud why the lady at the reception had sent me to the Cloak Room in the first place, instead of collecting the money herself. But no help. I had to go back to the reception, pay the 2 Euros, and return to the Cloak Room to collect the jacket. I say casino-management gets a thumb-down for the bier bureaucracy!

Anyhow, after I paid and present the receipt, the guy at the Cloak Room quickly found a jacket in my size and I could enter the casino.

Smoking Casino Innsbruck

Smoking is allowed in Casino Innsbruck, as in all other branches of Casino Austria. The cigarette smoke was a bit bothersome in the lounge next to the bar, but less felt next to the gaming tables. There is a small non-smoking area in the casino with a few tables. Most activities take place in the smoking section, however.

Atmosphere Casino Innsbruck

casino innsbruck atmosphereThe elevator from the parking-garage opens up to a wide, marble covered, reception area. A curving, marble staircase leads up from the reception to the casino floor. The casino occupies one large room. The classic games are located in the center of the room. To the right is a long bar and a nice lounge. To the left of the classic games is the Poker area. The slots area is located at the back of the room, behind the Poker area. Unlike other Austrian casinos I visited, Casino Innsbruck has a modern design. The dominating colors are black and white. At first glance it looks like there are black drapes hanging from the walls. Huge chandeliers hang from the ceiling. For me, it felt like a train station somehow. I prefer the old style decoration of some of the smaller Austrian casinos.

Live Games Casino Innsbruck

casino innsbruck live gamesI counted 10 Roulette tables, with a minimum bet of between €2-€4. Only 2 Blackjack tables were in operation at the time of my visit, with a minimum of €10. In addition, a single Casino Holdem table was open with a minimum of €5. All tables were well attended. In my opinion the place could have used another open Blackjack table.

Slots Casino Innsbruck

As in other branches of Casino Austria, in Innsbruck you can play slots either in the Jackpot Casino, which is more relaxed, or in the classic casino. The Jackpot Casino is adjacent to the classic casino but has a separate entrance. According to the casino website, the Jackpot Casino offers 84 slots and 1 Multiroulette station. The slots are in the classic casino offers 112 slot machines (according to the casino’s website). In addition, electronic “Easy Roulette” stations are scattered over the live games area, where you can comfortably bet on the live Roulette tables using your own touchscreen monitor.

Poker Casino Innsbruck

Three Poker tables were in operation at the time of my visit to the casino. Tournaments were taking place at 2 tables. At the third table a cash game was ongoing (limit 2/5 buy in 100 euro). There was also a waiting list for an Omaha table. 7 people were already on the waiting list, which begs the question why the table wasn’t opened already.

Conclusion Casino Innsbruck

casino innsbruck conclusionI arrived at the casino late at night after a long raid in the purring rain. And I had to go through the ordeal with the jacket at the entrance. So I was a bit on the edge going into the casino. But all the negativity quickly dissolved. The elegance of the casino, and the typical Austrian pleasant atmosphere and hospitality did the trick. If you are in the area, I recommend visiting the casino in Innsbruck.

About Avi Fichtner

Avi Fichtner is an avid casino player who spends much time travelling to casinos all over Europe and sharing his experiences.

Avi Fichtner

About Avi Fichtner

Avi Fichtner is an avid casino player who spends much time travelling to casinos all over Europe and sharing his experiences.

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