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Casino Duisburg EntranceThis is my review of the Casino in Dusiburg. For more information on this casino, please click here.

Our next stop after Ostend was Duisburg. The truth is I should have written my review about Ostend first, but I was too excited about Duisburg and wanted to write about my experience there as soon as possible. On our way there, I prepared myself for disappointment. Duisburg is part of the Ruhr region, Germany’s largest urban agglomeration with a population of over 7.3 million, and one of the largest industrial areas in Europe. Duisburg itself is renowned for its steel industry. Being a major location of Germany’s Steel and iron industries, Duisburg was, according to some historians, the single most heavily bombed German city during World War II. The beautiful historic landmarks had been lost and almost the entire city had to be rebuilt. Indeed, you can still feel the “Ruhr sadness” the moment you leave the train station. We were told that the casino is located only 10 minutes’ walk from the station so we decided to walk there. Nothing much was going on in the area surrounding the station. I asked a Turkish storeowner for direction to the casino. He told me that it is indeed very close, “but don’t bother yourself, you can just leave your money here with me”. But we did “bother” ourselves to the casino, and, to my surprise, we had the best experience in a German casino to date.

Slots in Casino Duisburg

There are two entrances to the casino. The main entrance is through the City Palais, a new entertainment center and shopping mall on Landfermannstrasse and it leads directly to the escalator to the second floor of the casino, where the live table games are located. We took the second entrance, from a side street, and it took us to the slots area on the first floor of the casino. Immediately upon entering the casino, we got a very encouraging feeling. The casino is completely renovated and feels fresh and exciting. The design is dominated by grey and black, with milk white glass floors reflecting the soft lights, which creates a modern but friendly atmosphere. The slot machines are arranged by theme. Standing at the center and looking around, the number and variety of slots seems overwhelming. I would estimate the number of slot machines to be at least 300 (350 according to the casino’s website).

casino duisberg slotMost of the machines are 5 reel video slots, but I also spotted some traditional mechanical slots. There a few electronic Roulette tables with a central boiler connected to 5 electronic betting stations. Notably, there is a large Jackpot section in the slots area. In particular the “Mystery Jackpot” seemed to attack many of the visitors. When we were there, there was a brand new Mercedes standing on a platform and waiting for its new owner to win the jackpot.

Good news for smokers. There is a designated area for smoking players on the first floor at the Casino Duisburg, in which you can find a large selection of slots and also some electronic Roulette tables.

I asked the receptionist for directions to the table games area. She was very cordial and arranged for her colleague to lead us to the escalator to the second floor, where the table games are located. I noticed that there is a wardrobe service, free of charge, next to the escalator.

Dress Code Casino Duisburg

Luckily I checked the dress code before coming to Casino Duisburg. If I had followed the example of Belgian casinos, I probably wouldn’t have been allowed in. The Belgian casinos don’t really enforce any kind of dress code. But in Casino Duisburg, a dress shirt is required. A Polo shirt is not enough. In addition, closed shoes are required. They let my dark jeans pass, though.

Table Games Casino Duisburg

Table Games Casino DuisburgAdmission to the live game area on the second floor is 5€. The minimum age is 18 years. Unlike in Belgium, the minimum age in Germany varies from state to state (Bundesland).

We visited the Casino on a Wednesday at around 15:30. There were already quite a few people next to live game tables. I was very impressed with the design here too. High ceilings, large, cloud shaped lights, gray and black colors, milk glass floors, all give the Casino a celestial atmosphere. Everything looked to be in mint condition. Of the 19 Roulette tables available, 7 were already in operation. As is customary in modern casinos, the results of the last spins are displayed on electronic boards in black and red. Some of the Roulette tables had a minimum of 2 € and some of 5 €. We also counted five Blackjack tables, three in operation. I liked it that Blackjack was offered with different limits of 5, 10 and 20 €.

In addition to the Blackjack, there were nine Casino Holdem tables, but none were in operation at the time. I am certain, however, that upon request, the casino would have opened a table for us. In the rear there were four poker tables, but it was too early for a game as the poker tables open at 19:00.

Casino Duisburg reinvented the smoking area. What you have here are several half closed booths, resembling a telephone booth without a door, where smoking is allowed. I really like this solution, which allows smokers to not feel isolated. Unfortunately, however, there are always players who stand halfway outside the booth, or run out with a burning cigarette to make a bet at the last moment. I was somewhat surprised and disappointed to discover that there was a 3% commission for purchasing chips with credit card.

Beware of Senile Players

The staff here acted with the same friendliness and helpfulness as that of the staff in the slots area. The live games ware conducted very professionally. The stuff at the Roulette was friendly and seemed to have things well under control. We had a minor misunderstanding with one of the elderly players, a well dressed gentleman of at least seventy-five. We bet on red and won. The dealer paid us out, and the older gentleman then took our winnings from the table.

I told the gentleman that these were our chips, but he insisted that it was his bet. He was absolutely certain of this, he said, because he was betting “according to a system”. The dealer responded with both friendliness and assertiveness. She referred the matter to her supervisor, who checked the video and confirmed that the chips were ours. The elderly gentleman player apologized to us, and went his way. The dealer gave us an acknowledging smile and the game continued.


We arrived in Duisburg with much hesitation, but were pleasantly surprised. Casino Duisburg is fresh, tastefully renovated and very welcoming. The staff is professional, friendly and certainly matches the standards of the more international casinos. The Casino in Duisburg is worth a special visit, but beware of senile players.

About Avi Fichtner

Avi Fichtner is an avid casino player who spends much time travelling to casinos all over Europe and sharing his experiences.

Avi Fichtner

About Avi Fichtner

Avi Fichtner is an avid casino player who spends much time travelling to casinos all over Europe and sharing his experiences.