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Our Casino Directory provides the most comprehensive, up-to-date information on 489 casinos in 16 countries in Europe, including games offered, opening hours, admission requirements, dress code and contact information.

Our Casino Directory lists casinos by country and, in countries with a large number of casinos, by geographic region. Below is a list of countries in Europe with land based casinos. The number of casinos in each country appears in parentheses next to the country’s name. Click on the country of your choice for a list of all casinos in that country. Then click on any casino on the list for complete, up-to-date information on that casino.

If the country you have chosen has a large number of casinos, in addition to an alphabetic list of all casinos, you will find a list of geographic regions in that country. Simply click on the region of your choice to view a list of all casinos in that particular region. Country and region pages also include maps of all casinos in that country or region.