Casino Baden Review

casino baden entranceSince I started my Trip to all Casinos in Europe, it is becoming increasingly difficult for me to decide which is my favorite European casino. Casino Berlin and Casino Baden are the leading contestants to the title. I probably would have decided for the casino in Baden if more Poker tables were open at the time I visited the casino.

Baden is one of Austria’s most exclusive spa resorts. The casino in located in the center of town, in an impressive old palace. The front is decorated with palm trees and a large water fountain. When I arrived at the casino, I saw a Ferrari parked in the driveway, which confirmed my suspicion that Baden is a high-rollers casino.

To make a long story short, I was completely taken by Casino Baden. If you are in Vienna, I suggest you skip Casino Vienna, and make a short trip to Baden (40 minutes by car, one way). Bus line # 360 leaves to Baden every round hour from the Opera House station in Vienna. You could also take the train from Vienna to Baden. The casino is about 10 minutes walking distance from the train station in Baden, so you could either walk to casino, or take a taxi.

Entrance Casino Baden

The rules of admission are similar for all branches of Casinos Austria. Patrons must be at least 18 years old to enter, and present a valid photo ID. Admission is free. The casino offers a welcome package of €30 worth of chips for the price of €27. However, you must use all chips to place a bet at least once before you can cash out.

Dress Code Casino Baden

After my visit to the casino in Innsbruck, I wore a jacket and jeans to Baden, and was easily admitted to the casino. In fact, most male patrons in the casino wore a jacket.

Atmosphere Casino Baden

Casino Baden AtmosphereIt was 21:00 on a Wednesday when I entered the casino. There was already a sizable crowd at the casino; however, none of the tables were packed.

I immediately took a liking to the casino in Baden. I literally had a red carpet reception. The nice lady at the reception even allowed me to take pictures (leaving her out of the frame, of course). The casino occupies only the first floor of the building (similar to the casinos in Blanekengerge (Belgium) and Seefeld (Austria)), which I prefer to multiple floors. The casino is very large, with the table games located at the front of the room, the bar in the middle and Poker tables and slots at the back.

The design, as in other branches of Casinos Austria, such as Seefeld and Kitzbuhel, is a fusion of old and modern, done with the usual Austrian good taste.

Smoking Casino Baden

Casino Baden is a smoker’s casino. There is a small non-smoking lounge, which wasn’t so popular.

Table Games Casino Baden

casino baden table gamesCasino Baden has 10 Roulette tables, 5 of which were in operation at the time of my visit. All tables had a minimum bet of €2. All Roulette tables are modern and equipped with an electronic board displaying relevant statistics. I was told by the croupier that the statistics refer to the results the last 300 spins.

I decided that 300 spins is enough to go by. I bought chips using my credit card (for a 3.5% fee). According to the table statistics, previous spin results were Black 60% of the time, so I bet heavily on red. It worked this time and I won a significant amount!

Inspired by my success playing Roulette, I turned to the card tables. I saw three Blackjack tables in operation, two with a minimum of €5, and one with a minimum of €10. There were also a Casino Holdem table and a Tropical Stud Poker table, both with a minimum bet of €5.

I went straight for Blackjack. I joined a seemingly relaxed table, but immediately felt out of place there with my small-change bets. A relatively young player had just changed €500 into chips, which he managed to loose in two rounds, whereupon he changed another €500. I was intrigued by the fact that he let a €100 chip lie between him and the Dealer. A friendly fellow player explained that this spot pays 3:5 if the Dealer busts (i.e. if the Dealer goes over 21).This rule was new to me. The friendly player, who himself played with €100 chips, explained that it is to be expected, since it is not common practice in European casinos. All in all, I enjoyed the Blackjack table; in particular I liked watching the young high-roller double, even though the Dealer had a 10 up card.

Next, I moved to the Casino Holdem table, where I was also accepted in a friendly manner, and even won small amounts. I found it easy to engage other players in conversation, and learn something about their tactics. Same for the Stud Poker table. However, I somehow managed to lose all my (sizable) Roulette winnings playing Stud Poker. I went back to the Casino Holdem table, were two Chinese guys were playing now, in an attempt to recover my losses, but no luck!

Poker Casino Baden

casino baden pokerAt the time of my visit to Casino Baden, there was a Texas Holdem (3/5) game going on. I could have joined, but saw that the game was out of my league and didn’t bother to buy chips. The casino had four more available tables, but, to my surprised, there were not enough players to justify opening additional tables.

Conclusion Casino Baden

I liked the atmosphere in Casino Baden and had the best experience to date with fellow players here. The only minus is the fact that only a single Poker table was open, although this wasn’t necessary something the casino had control over. In any event, the casino in Baden (Austria) is definitely worth a detour, even more so for high-rollers.

About Avi Fichtner

Avi Fichtner is an avid casino player who spends much time travelling to casinos all over Europe and sharing his experiences.

Avi Fichtner

About Avi Fichtner

Avi Fichtner is an avid casino player who spends much time travelling to casinos all over Europe and sharing his experiences.

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