Casino Alexanderplatz Berlin Review

TV Tower AlexanderplatzThis is my review of the Casino in Berlin – Alexanderplatz. For more information on this casino, please click here.

There are two casinos in Berlin. Casino Berlin, located in Potsdamerplatz, and the WestSpiel Casinos branch, located in Berlin’s historic Alexanderplatz. In the past, the WestSpiel casino was located on the top of the famous Television Tower in Alexanderplatz, some 365 meters above the city, and has offered its guests a fantastic view of Berlin. But as I learned on my recent trip to Berlin, the casino has since been “lowered” to the street level. Shortly after I arrived at Berlin, I tried to locate the casino’s new site, but couldn’t find it, mostly because of the massive construction work being carried out in Alexanderplatz, and ended up visiting Berlin Casino in Potsdamerplatz instead (for the Berlin Casino review, click here). For some reason, I felt like I had to visit the casino at the Alex and so I set out to find it once more.

Admission and dress code Casino Alexanderplatz

The dress code at the Alexanderplatz casino is relaxed. A jacket is not required, but is welcomed by the casino. Although I wasn’t the only guest in the table games area with a jacket and closed shoes, I felt a bit overdressed. As in other German casinos, visitors are required to show a valid photo ID at the entrance. The entrance fee is €2.50.

Slot machines at the Casino Alexanderplatz Berlin

The casino is spread over two floors. The main slots area is on the first floor. The classic table games are on the second floor of the casino, together with some more slots and some 30 stations of electronic Roulette. The main slot area is very well equipped. Altogether there are 195 machines (according to the casino’s website). The electronic Roulette, Blackjack, Poker and bingo machines available here are welcomed changes of pace to the usual 5-reel video slot machines.

Roulette and Blackjack Casino Alexanderplatz

The classic table games are located on the second floor of the casino at the Alex. We arrived at the casino on a Sunday evening, at around 21:30. It seemed to be a slow evening. Three roulette tables were open, with a minimum of €2. There was only a thin crowed at two of the tables and at the third table the dealer was by himself. Interestingly, however, most players bet large sums of money. Two Blackjack tables were open, with a minimum of €5, which were also not too crowded.

Poker Casino Alexanderplatz

A poker tournament was taking place as we arrived at the casino, and as there were three of us, we asked whether the casino would open a table for us to play a cash game. We were told it would not be a problem, and quickly enough, a table with a nice dealer was opened. We started playing and my girl friend, who is an avid roulette player, but a novice at poker, was unsure with regards to the bets. We asked the dealer to play the first few rounds with open card. He politely explained that normally it is not possible, but that he would make an exception this time so long as it is only the three of us.

Not too long after we started playing, other players joined the game. We ordered beer which was served at the table and the atmosphere was relaxed. This time, I managed to walk out with more of my money still in my pockets, unlike my experience at the Potsdamerplatz casino, just a couple of nights earlier. We later had a chat with one of the poker players in the smoking lounge. He told us that although it is not a big casino, he always visits the casino at the Alex when in town, because the poker players here are mostly inexperienced and so he usually wins!

Atmosphere Casino Alexanderplatz

Berlin Casino AlexanderplatzIn comparison to the Berlin Casino in Potsdamerplatz, the casino at the Alex felt somewhat provincial. The place offers all the amenities a casino lover would look for on a night out. But the rhythm here was monotones, sleepy almost, and lacked enthusiasm. Similarly, the casino is clean and well maintained (the design is a bit outdated though), but is devoid of any distinctive character.

Smoking Casino Alexanderplatz

The slots area of the casino is divided into a smoking and a non smoking area. This arrangement has proven to be the optimal for many casinos in Germany. The smoking area offers a variety of games, including several stations of electronic Roulette.

On the second floor of the casino, where the table games are located, I saw some of the open smoking stands, equipped with ventilation systems that effectively get rid of the cigarettes smoke so that the other players are not disturbed by it. There is also a nice smoking lounge on the second floor, although I thought the ventilation there could be improved.

Conclusion Casino Alexanderplatz

I have to give it to the staff at the casino in Alexanderplatz; they are professional and very nice. However, as it misses the energy you would expect from a casino in a city like Berlin, I wouldn’t recommend making a detour to visit the casino.

About Avi Fichtner

Avi Fichtner is an avid casino player who spends much time travelling to casinos all over Europe and sharing his experiences.

Avi Fichtner

About Avi Fichtner

Avi Fichtner is an avid casino player who spends much time travelling to casinos all over Europe and sharing his experiences.

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