Austria Casinos

Casino Baden review

It became increasingly harder for me to decide which is my favorite casino since I started my trip to all casinos in Europe. Casino Berlin and Casino Baden are the leading contestants to the title. I probably would have decided for the casino in Baden if more Poker tables were open at the time I visited the casino. Baden is one of Austria’s most exclusive spa resorts. The casino in located in the center of town, in an impressive old palace… Read full review

Casino Innsbruck review

I drove for about one and a half hours in purring rain to get from Casino Kitzbuhel to Innsbruck. It was late Saturday night, but I hoped to make it to Casino Innsbruck before leaving to Vienna the next day. There was nothing to eat along the way other than gas-station cafeteria food. I finally arrived at Innsbruck Casino at 23:00. It was a stretch, but I am happy I made the effort. Innsbruck Casino is another example of the reliability of Casinos Austria… Read full review

Casino Kitzbuhel review

Casino Kitzbuhel review

After my positive experience at the Casino Seefeld, I was very excited to visit another Austrian casino. The Casino in Kitzbuhel definitely met my high expectations. I found the Casino Kitzbuhel to be one of the friendliest, liveliest and most tasteful casinos in Austria. Part of it , no doubt, is the location. Kitzbuhel is a picturesque medieval town nestled amidst the Tyrolean Alps. It is one of the most well-known and exclusive winter-sports destinations… Read full review

Casino Seefeld review

Casino Seefeld review

The casino in Seefeld was the first Austrian casino on our trip. We arrived at the casino on the early evening hours of Friday, July 20, 2012. I was very surprised by the number of Italians in the casino. Not only the visitors, but also the entire staff at the casino seemed to be speaking Italian. Later that evening, I sat with my girlfriend in a restaurant next to the casino. I asked the waiter: “there are many Italians here, or?” He smiled and started answering me in Italian… Read full review

Casino Vienna review

Casino Vienna review

The casino is housed in an impressive old-style, three-stories building in the pedestrian area, designed and furnished in a traditional Viennese style, with high ceilings and stucco walls. However, although a beautiful venue is certainly a plus, it’s hardly enough. I’m a fan of Austrian casinos, and had already visited the casinos in Seefeld, Kitzbühel, Baden. Sadly I must say that I find the casino in Vienna the least exciting of all. There are two parts to the casino in Vienna. The Jackpot Casino… Read full review

Belgium Casinos

Casino Blankenberge review

On Sunday, July 1st, we visited three casinos, located in known summer resorts on the northern sea shore of Belgium: Knokke, Blankenberge and Ostend. Blankenberge was our second stop that day, after Knokke. I would like to start by saying that I liked the casino in Blankenberge very much. It combines a cozy Belgian pub atmosphere (lots of wood), neatness and traditional style. It is a classic casino for those Belgium folks that prefer traditional, informal style to the modern, snobbish style… Read full review

Casino Viage in Brussels review

My journey to all European Casinos started on the 27th of June 2012. I am glad that this journey will never end. By the time I fulfilled my mission and visited all Casinos in Europe, the information on the first casinos I visited will have become outdated and will need to be revised, and so I will have to start from the beginning. I gave the honor to be the first casino I visit to the Viage Casino in Brussels. Maybe because I am originally from Belgium or maybe because Brussels will soon be the capital… Read full review

Casino Knokke review

Casino Knokke review

The Belgian northern Sea coast is approximately 70 km long, from the Netherlands in the East to France in the West. On Sunday, July 1st, we visited three casinos, located in the known coastal resorts of Knokke, Blankenberge and Ostend. Knokke was our first stop that day. It is the most North-Eastern seaside resort of the Belgian coast, very close to the Dutch border, and is considered the most exclusive resort on the coast. The short walk through the city center confirms this reputation. The casino is located about 15 minuet’s tram ride from the central train station… Read full review

Casino Kursaal Ostend review

Casino Kursaal Ostend review

The casino in Ostend is the third casino on the northern coast of Belgium we visited on Sunday, July 1st. We started in Knokke earlier that day, from there we went to Blankenberge and finally arrived at Ostend at around 22:00. Three casinos in one day was a bit too much, especially if you are travelling by public transportation. The tram stop is just around the corner from the casino. The casino is located in an impressive old building… Read full review

Casino Spa review

The casino in Spa, build in 1763, holds itself to be the world‘s oldest Casino. If you don’t take into account the play halls in Middle Ages Italy, this is probably true. The casinos’ beginning is connected to the famous cold springs of Spa, believed to possess health-giving properties. As early as the 18th century, the springs in Spa were a major attraction for visitors from around the world, mostly members of the European elite. The Casino provided these visitors with… Read full review

British Casinos

Aspers Casino London Review

Aspers casino is located outside the London city center, on the 3rd floor of the Westfield shopping center in Stratford City. The casino is easily accessible by Tube (London’s subway system), via the Stratford or Stratford International stations. Getting to the casino by car is also an option. At the Westfield shopping center, use Car Park B and take the elevator to the 3rd floor of the mall, where the casino is located. Westfield is one of the largest shopping malls in Europe…. Read full review

Grosvenor Casino Piccadilly London Review

The Grosvenor Hotel and casino is located within walking distance from the Mayfair Hotel. So, After my visit to the casino a the Mayfair Hotel, The Palm Beach Casino, I continued on foot to the Grosvenor Casino on Piccadilly. The crowd on the streets leading to the Grosvenor was relatively young, and the atmosphere was lively. I reached the Grosvenor Casino at around 23:00, on Saturday, February 9th. Admission to the Grosvenor Casino Piccadilly is free. I was told that I had to stand in line to the ID check… Read full review

Hippodrome Casino London Review

The Hippodrome Casino is located in Leicester Square. I visited the casino on a Saturday night, February 8, 2014. As a testimony of its recent popularity, the casino was packed with locals and tourists, 25 – 35 years old, on average. The great atmosphere in the Hippodrome alone is worth a visit, but what really impressed me is the wide variety of casino gems on offer, including Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, Omaha Poker, Craps (Dice) and Pai Gow…. Read full review

Napoleons Casino London Review

My first impression was that both casinos cater to the Asian audience. In both casinos, the audience was predominantly Asian. However, on average, the crowd at the Napoleon casino was older. Undeniably, the Napoleon offers much of the same as the Empire. However, the Napoleon seems to be the elegant, exclusive version of the Empire Casino. The Napoleon is also located underground. Walking down the stairs to the casino, I entered a lovely, elegant looking room. Already at first glance… Read full review

Palm Beach Casino London – London’s High Rollers Casino Review

I visited the Palm Beach Casino on February 9, 2013 at 21:00. The Palm Beach is located at the heart of London, but rest assured, it is not a tourist trap. More specifically, it is located on Berkeley Street, in the well known Mayfair neighborhood, right off Piccadilly, which is considered a prime location in London. I took a taxi to the casino, and looking out the window as we approached the casino, I saw some of the most expensive Mercedes models, a number of Jaguars and, of course, a Maserati…. Read full review

The Casino at the Empire – London Review

There are some 15 casinos in London, 3 of which are located in Leicester Square: The Casino at the Empire (or the Empire casino, for short), Napoleon’s Casino and the Hippodrome Casino. The Empire Casino being one of the most famous casinos in London, I decided to make it my first casino of the evening. One thing that struck me immediately, and that might be of interest to our Asian readers, is that the crowd at the casino was predominantly Asian. The same is right for the Napoleon casino next door… Read full review

German Casinos

Casino Aachen review

The casino in Aachen was the second casino in my journey to all European casinos. The official name of the casino is “Spielbank Aachen“. I got there on the 29th of June, 2012, at around 19:00. This time I had company. The casino is situated on the Monheimsallee, which is easy to reach by car. There is a parking garage right next to the casino. The casino is within walking distance from the city center. However, from the central train station you better take a cab… Read full review

Casino Alexanderplatz Berlin review

There are two casinos in Berlin. Casino Berlin, located in Potsdamerplatz, and the WestSpiel Casinos branch, located in Berlin’s historic Alexanderplatz. In the past, the WestSpiel casino was located on the top of the famous Television Tower in Alexanderplatz, some 365 meters above the city, and has offered its guests a fantastic view of Berlin. But as I learned on my recent trip to Berlin, the casino has since been “lowered” to the street level. Shortly after I arrived at Berlin… Read full review

Casino Bad Wiessee Review

Bad Wiessee Casino is the largest casino in Bavaria. In my opinion, it is also one of the nicest casinos in the area. The magnificent views of Lake Tegernsee, top-notch casino facilities and warm Bavarian hospitality, all make this casino one to visit. The casino is located in Bad Wiessee, a small spa town on Lake Tegernsee. Public transportation to Bad Wiessee is available from Munich. However the easiest, and nicest, way to get to the casino is by car, driving through miles of magnificent… Read full review

Casino Berlin Potsdamerplatz review

There are two land-based casinos in Berlin: Casino Berlin, located in Potsdamerplatz; and a WestSpiel Casinos venue (the group’s Berlin branch), located in Berlin’s historic Alexanderplatz. Having planned to stay only a few days in Berlin, I wasn’t sure I would make it to Casino Berlin. As it worked out, though, last night I made plans with a friend to visit the WestSpiel casino at the Alexanderplatz. Even though my friend is a long-time Berliner, we had problems finding the casino. At some point we lost interest, and decided to take a Taxi to the Casino Berlin in Potsdamerplatz… Read full review

Casino Duisburg review

Our next stop after Ostend was Duisburg. The truth is I should have written my review about Ostend first, but I was too excited about Duisburg and wanted to write about my experience there as soon as possible. On our way there, I prepared myself for disappointment. Duisburg is part of the Ruhr region, Germany’s largest urban agglomeration with a population of over 7.3 million, and one of the largest industrial areas in Europe. Duisburg itself is renowned for its steel industry. Being a major location of Germany’s Steel and iron industries, Duisburg was… Read full review

Casino Esplanade Hamburg review

Hamburg is one of the richest cities in Germany. This is a lot due to the fact that the port of Hamburg is the second largest port in Europe. The port in Hamburg has for years served as Germany’s gateway to the world and still plays an important factor in the economy of the city. The Casino Esplanade in Hamburg is a clear manifestation of the city’s wealth. The casino is located in the University District, close to the Opera and is very easy to access by public transportation… Read full review

Casino Garmisch-Partenkirchen Review

casino garmisch partenkirchen

We drove 40 minutes in the pouring rain, across the border from Casino Seefeld in Austria to Casino Garmisch-Partenkirchen in Germany. The German casino was a big letdown. Especially in comparison with the lovely Seefeld branch of Casinos Austria. In retrospect, the trip to Garmisch could have waited for another night. I entered the address listed on the casino’s website (am Kurpark 10) into the navigation system. But because of recent traffic changes, the navigation system led us to a dead end… Read full review

Casino Hannover review

The casino in Hannover was our next stop after Casino Duisburg. Hanover is considered to be the most standard city in Germany. Hannover’s socio demographic characteristics are representative of the general trends in Germany. The Hanoverian dialect is considered standard German. I am relieved to say, though, that the casino in Hannover is not representative of the normal German Casino. Casino Hannover is located directly behind the main train station, which makes it easily accessible… Read full review

Casino Reeperbahn Hamburg review

Coming out of the Casino Esplanade in Hamburg, we decided to quickly check out the Casino Reeperbahn, the only other casino in the city to offer live casino games. It is less than 10 minutes by taxi from the Esplanade to the Reeperbahn. But the two casinos cannot be any farther apart in terms of their style and atmosphere (for a review of the Esplanade casino, please click here). The Reeperbahn Casino is located at the heart of St. Pauli, the famous and infamous nightlife and red-light district of Hamburg. In the past, the area was known for its cheap bars… Read full review

Holland Casinos

Casino Valkenburg review

Casino Valkenburg

Valkenburg being a small town in southeast Holland, on the border with Germany, I didn’t expect to find a large crowed at the Valkenburg branch of Holland Casino. However, the casino was busy at the time of my visit, on Friday, May 3rd at 21:30. Having visited the casino, I am not surprised. I really enjoyed my visit to the casino. Judging by the license plates on the cars in the casino parking lot, many Belgians and Germans consider it a good alternative to the casinos… Read full review

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