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Sizzling Hot Slot onlineSizzling Hot is another exciting Game in Novomatic’s successful “Novoline” series of slot games. The Sizzling Hot game is one of the most popular in land based casinos in Europe and can also be found in casinos in the United States and other parts of the world. Play Sizzling Hot without download.

Sizzling Hot is a 5 reel, 5 paylines slot game. Sizzling Hot is based on the traditional fruit theme. The symbols include different kinds of fruits (water-melon, prune, lemon, an orange, grapes and cherries), the number 7 and a yellow star. The symbols are presented in clear, bright colors, on a dark blue background, which has a very appealing visual affect. Another fun graphic feature is the way the symbols burst into flames whenever a winning line is hit. The game’s graphic effects, together with the short, sharp, electronic sound effects, create a concept of a fast, “hot” game, very much characteristic of all Novoline games.

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The aim of the Sizzling Hot game is to complete a line of two to five like-symbols appearing across the reals, depending on the symbol. Most symbols require at least three-like symbols to create a winning combination, while two “cherries” symbols are enough to trigger a win. Interestingly, the Sizzling Hot game does not include a Wild symbol (much like the Joker in card games, many slot games include a Wilde card, which can substitute for any other symbol to create a winning combination).

As a rule, the symbols must appear from left to right, on adjacent reals. However, there is one exception to this rule – the Scatter symbol. The Scatter symbol does not have to appear on adjacent reels to trigger a win. Three or more of these symbols scattered anywhere on the reels create a winning combination, and, in addition, three Scatter symbols win the player a special bonus payment. In the Novoline Sizzling Hot game, the “yellow star” symbol function as the Scatter symbol.

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Sizzling Hot – Paylines and Bets

The paylines in the sizzling Hot game are fixed (all paylines are activated automatically).

However, the bet per line can be adjusted at any time during the game, thus offering great flexibility to the player. As the game starts, the minimum bet will be presented on the bottom of the screen. The player can then use the + / – buttons to adjust the bet.

The display on the bottom of the screen will also show the total bet per spin, calculated as the bet per line x the number of lines activated (for example, if the bet per line is €0.05, and 5 paylines are activated, the total bet for the spin will be €0.25).

Novoline Sizzling Hot – Bonus Features

The special bonus payment, received whenever three scatter symbols appear anywhere on the screen, is not the only bonus feature offered to players in the Sizzling Hot game. Another, very lucrative bonus feature is the “Gamble” feature. With this feature, the player can increase his winnings even further by choosing the correct color (red or black) of the next card drawn from a virtual deck of cards. With this feature, the player has a 50% chance to double (or loose) his winnings in the last spin.

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Play Sizzling Hot without download

After every winning spin, the “Gamble” button will flash. If clicked on, the Gamble game screen will appear. The player then has the opportunity to shoes a “red” or “black card”. At the top of the screen, the cards which were drawn in the last six “Gamble games” will be displayed. As long as he choses correctly, the player can continue to play the Gamble feature 5 times in a row, or he can click the “Collect” button at any time and collect his winnings. The screen will automatically go back to the regular game if the wrong card is chosen.

Novoline Sizzling Hot – Payout

The “Paytable” displays all winning possibilities and the value of each winning combination (for example, two water-melon symbols are worth €2.5, and 5 grapes are worth €25).

Like all slots, the Novoline slots are programed to pay out over the long run a certain percentage of money put into them. According to the manufacturer, Novomatic, the Sizzling Hot slots have a relatively high average return to player (RTP) percentage of 95.66%.

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